Jean Lyon

Dear Louie,

It was a pleasure working with you during the planning and design stages of my new kitchen. Thank you for the professionalism and the patience you displayed in fulfilling my requests. The cabinets look great.

Tony did a terrific job. I was really impressed with the care and the quality of precision he showed while installing the units. He seems to take pride in his workmanship, which is important to customers like me.

Sue Resende, the project Manager from Avalon also showed professionalism during several contacts by e-mails and phone, prior to the installation of the countertop. Her installers followed through with the same proficiency and quality customer service.

I am very satisfied with the end result of the choices I made with your help, for the cabinets and the counter, and am pleased that the kitchen looks exactly as I imagined.

I will not hesitate to recommend you and the company to family and friends.

Thanks again for making me a satisfied customer.

Jean Lyon